If there was a one person contest for the scumbag of the day and Chelsey Gentry-Tipton was the only contestant, then she would clearly win. In other words, she sucks. Gentry-Tip has been quoted in social media posts because she allegedly was laughing, or thought it was funny when Republicans were being shot at, by a left-wing nutcase, during the practice for the Congressional baseball game.

She asked, “y is this so funny tho?” Well, stupid, it’s not funny. People were hurt or killed. Even a longtime Bernie Sanders sympathizer was killed, so it’s not like there were only Republicans who were injured. Is she laughing at this with people? Are Democrats seriously thinking this is funny? Laughing at politicians battling back and forth with lame Tweets is sometimes funny. Having people get shot, regardless of political affiliation, is not funny.

A fist fight would be funny, but a shooting is not. That’s when you know people went off the deep end and have no regard for human life of others or their own.

Some people are calling for her to resign. Those people need to shut up. She can say whatever she wants because that’s how free speech works. We don’t need to agree with her and we don’t have to like her. We can think she’s wrong and she’s a piece of aged cow manure, but we should absolutely NOT call for her to lose a job or anything else.

You know who does that, right? Liberals do that. Liberals call for people to be fired anytime you say something that insults them.

Gentry-Tipton is quite the fool for saying what she said, but anyone who complains about it and calls for her to lose her job is a much bigger idiot than she will ever be.

I like to say what I want, regardless of who agrees. I wish her the same, even if I disagree with it.

Nebraska – Chelsey Gentry-Tipton of Omaha refuses to resign as chairwoman of the party’s Black Caucus claiming her Facebook post she made after GOP members were gunned down by a left-wing radical were taken out of context.

Gentry-Tipton said in a Facebook post, “Watching the congressman crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho?”

It’s funny because she’s posting this on Facebook, which does not have a small character limit and typing like a dummy. Did a third grader teach her how to text? And why is that funny? Is it funny because she’s comparing one person’s trauma to her own or that of others? Watching someone cry about being in a shooting is at least a little bit traumatic. What does she want the guy to compare it to if anything?

Why is it funny to watch a congressman cry after/during a shooting? It’s funny when liberals lose elections and you see people cry, but not during a violent act of domestic terrorism. That’s just sick and lame.

@NebraskaDems Exec Board Member Gentry-Tipton doubles down on comments othr poster wishes gunman “had better aim” @janekleeb @NEGOP

The entire chain of comments is unacceptable and lacks any level of compassion for those who got shot @CapitolBeatNE@NebraskaDems @NEGOP

@janekleeb @CapitolBeatNE @NebraskaDems @NEGOP Will you be asking to Gentry-Tipton to resign? This type of callousness and anger does not belong in any type of leadership position.

@bstevens84 @janekleeb @CapitolBeatNE @NEGOP Yes, the NDP officers have asked her to resign. As you know, I do not tolerate this type of reckless behavior.

She later claimed to be a victim of gun violence and penned this:

What does the GOP shooting have to do with anything else? This is one violent crime and people were upset about it. It doesn’t have anything to do with any other crimes. Why is she making this all about the black community? It’s about EVERYONE who was there that day and was shot at or shot. Doesn’t matter what color or sex the people are. They were shot at. If the black community has an issue with guns and violence, then that’s important too. Everyone is important and a lot of people really need to calm down and put more value into each other as human beings.

Gateway Pundit’s article goes off the deep-end as much as Gentry-Tipton’s original post did. They sensationalize a bit and focus on the keyword “funny” trying to make this a bigger story. Her post sucked, but then she clearly explained herself as to not find humor in the shooting itself. It seems like she’s laughing in a “this is what I go through every day” kinda way. Maybe not her personally, but the black community certainly does go through a lot of gun crimes. You want to see a war zone, then step up to beautiful bullet riddled Chicago. One listen to the 5-0 police scanner app and you’ll think you’re listening to Aleppo’s police department. But no one can stop those shootings except for the people pulling the trigger.

Looking at both sides of her moronic post gets me to these points:

1. Her post was brilliant because it sparked a huge response. Her post also sucked and looked like it was written by someone in grade school, but it triggered a response and brought out the closet liberal losers who called for her to be fired. Seriously folks, if you’re calling for anyone to be fired because of something they said on social media, then you are a massive whiner and loser.

2. She raised light on the black community’s problem with gun violence, perhaps on purpose, but also maybe by accident. There’s just one thing about that – the only people who can fix the gun violence problem in the black community are the people in the community. People have to stop shooting each other. No laws will stop that. Only fixing human nature within themselves and putting the guns down will lower the issues with gun crimes in the black community and every community.

She turned a GOP shooting into a discussion about guns and the black community. It was a decent effort to use one crime to talk about issues affecting a lot of people, but here’s the kicker like a Drake song – the only people who can fix the problem she speaks of, are the people themselves.

Let’s unmask the stupidity in Gentry-Tipton’s post, but let’s not sensationalize and call for a firing because someone got upset about what she said.

When we say something horrible, then we don’t want a bunch of losers barking for us to be fired, right?

Laugh at her idiocy and move on. That’s the best thing we can do with this.

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