After Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Broadway Show Closes Down, The President Puts the Final Nail in the Coffin

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s latest show on Broadway, “The Terms of My Surrender,” shut down after ticket sales started to fall shortly after it premiered. The show mainly focused on Moore bashing President Donald Trump and praising his own work as progressive political activist.

Trump has now given his thoughts on the show, which closed after running for only 13 weeks — the full term of its planned limited engagement — and failed to gain the following Moore had hoped.

In a tweet Saturday evening, despite admitting that the following criticism was “not at all presidential,” he called Moore’s play a “TOTAL BOMB”:

While it will no longer be put on in the Big Apple, Moore is planning on taking his show on tour in the summer of 2018.

Playbill reports he wants to eventually return to its original place. “Broadway remains a powerful hub of American popular culture and I plan on being back — with both a new play and a new one-man show — soon,” he said.

***Update: Playbill responds to President Trump’s comments, saying that the show, while not as popular as they had hoped, did complete its full 12 week limited engagement.

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