Muslim Imam Says He Warned de Blasio About ‘Terrorist Breeding,’ Got No Response

The terrorist attack that left eight dead and at least a dozen injured in Manhattan on Tuesday has New York reeling.

With Sayfullo Saipov in police custody, the investigation into what motivated the 29-year-old Uzbek is just beginning.

Thus far, we know he pledged his allegiance to ISIS and bragged about the attack from his hospital bed, according to CBS News.

However, Mohammad Tawhidi, an imam, is grabbing attention for something else. He says he went out of his way to warn New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about “terrorist breeding” in the city.

Tawhidi doesn’t live in the United States but says he made a concerted effort to contact de Blasio.

Tawhidi revealed what happened, via Twitter. How de Blasio handled the warnings says a lot:

Tawhidi also sent letters to de Blasio:

He addressed his critics with a powerful example of how terrorism has affected his life:

In addition, Tawhidi doesn’t agree with how de Blasio uses his time as mayor.

“Fact: In the last two years, De Blasio spent all his energy and resources in trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic Extremists,” he tweeted.

Tawhidi says his warnings fell on deaf ears, but after the attack on Tuesday, de Blasio is now faced with an issue he can’t ignore.

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